For over 30 years, I've been a collector of sea glass.  The sound of the waves, the walk on the sand, and the thrill of a 'find' have turned it into an addiction.  I have had jugs, jars, vases, and boxes of it all over my house, and finally said to myself, "You should try to do something with it!"  I took some classes, did some research, and employed a lot of trial and error.  The result is a collection of 'found' items that have become my Tidal Gems.  I hope you enjoy them!

Each piece of Sea Glass is:

  • Hand-picked.

Either myself or one of my scouts (family and friends) select each piece.  I do not purchase any.

  • Authentic. 

Only picked from the shore line.

  • Unaltered.

I only create a drill hole,  I do not buff or shape.

  • Unique. 

You will not find another piece like it (although much care, time, and effort are made for earring matches).

  • Tumbled by the sea. 

A great example of reduce, reuse, and recycle!


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